Saturday, 18 January 2014

Lets target the real scroungers.

At the moment, we have a government made up of public school educated millionaires, presiding over the dismantling of the welfare state. These are the real scroungers in our midsts. A healthy media would tell us about them, but  they stay silent, carrying on this governments vile agends.
People are daily suffering, the consequences of an economic crisis, caused by the governments friends, and they expect us to accept  it, as they try to lay the blame on the marginalised and the powerless, at the same time demanding a wage rise.
It seems there is  rule for them, and stuff the rest of us. Yes, the biggest scroungers in this country comprises of  an unelected Tory Government, and their allies, claiming every last penny from the taxpayers.
Cruel headlines from the right wing media,  daily create false narratives, luckily we have our own media now, and we can answer back.
This is a war that Cameron and his cronies should not be allowed to win, for all our sakes and all of our tomorrows.

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