Thursday, 16 January 2014

R.I.P Roger 'Trigger' Lloyd-Pack ( 8/2/44 -15/1/14) - Comical Genius.

Very sad  to hear of the Death of Roger Lloyd- Pack, Only Fools and Horses, Vicar of Dibley and the Old Guys star,  a fine actor and contributor to moments of comical genius, who has died at his London home, after suffering from pancreatic cancer.
Also  a tireless committed  socialist, and was a supporter of Left Unity, a recently formed 'radical party of the left, he also a dedicated follower and of  peace and social justice and was a  vocal supporter for Palestinian rights.
A versatile character actor who was at home with both comedy and drama, his expressive face and comical timing will be missed.
My thoughts go out to his family. So long Trigger. R.I.P

My Name is Rodney - Classic scene from Only fools and horses.

Trigger and Ghandi

Trigger gets wrong Idea

Roger Lloyd- Pack speaking about why he would be at Anti-War Mass Assembly tback in 2011, to mark 10th anniversary of Afghanistan War and the war on terror.

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