Thursday, 9 January 2014

Mark Duggan : Where's the Justice?

Mark Duggan was demonised by the police and the facts of his killing ignored. It seems now that the marginalised live in a parallel, unjust universe. Yesterday the Mark Duggan inquest decided  officers who shot Duggan dead in Tottenham in August 2011, acted lawfully. The jury voted  by 8-2 that although Duggan was unarmed and did not present an immediate or real threat to the police - the police were right to kill him. Ultimately if the Duggan family had, had proper legal representation, a European Court ruling, would have lead to the proper verdicts of unlawful killing. The Duggan family now join a long list of others, seeking justice for unexplained deaths in police custody.
I would like to remind you there have been more than 333 suspicious deaths in police custody since 1998 and zero officers have been convicted. Where is the justice in this.
We seem to live in a country where  a police officer  can and will discharge their weapons, and avoid any form of recompense. Mark Duggans family and friends will continue to demand  justice, and to seek , answers to the questions raised by this case and highlight the cover up that many believe  has happened.
Remember too, that what has happened to Mark Duggan could happen to anyone of us.
Marks family are calling for a peaceful vigil on Saturday, 2pm outside Tottenham Police Station.

No Justice , No Peace: A  Poem for Mark Duggan

I thought that all life was innocent,
but for some, this is not the case,
if you happen to be,
from the wrong part of town,
justice will be abandoned,
and deaths dominion,
will deliver to you,
a life sentence.

I can understand,
the undertows,
of rage and disbelief,
after bullets leave another,
young man dead,
and a mothers pain,
when her tears are washed away.

I  percieve, recognise 
the passion and intensity,
unleashed, after unwarrented,
bloodshed spills on our streets,
where certain hands that pull triggers,
are simply protected,
and that if you put your hands up,
authority might not want to see,
and why, when there is no justice,
there can be no peace.


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