Monday, 6 January 2014

Song for Chelsea Manning / The Manning Truthfest in Haverfordwest (and Fishguard)

Free Chelsea Manning and all the other whistleblowers.

A song by David Roviks.

Chelsea Manning should have her draconian 35 year sentence commuted immediately to the 3 and a quarter years she has already spent behind bars. What further purpose is there in further punishing a brave person, who after all is said and done, helped to publicise deeply troubling incidents.
Chelsea Manning is a courageous woman who deserves are respect for exposing the lies of U.S imperialism.
We  should not forget her.

Join Chelsea Manning's Irish supporters along with her family and friends in West Wales for two days of events celebrating Truth. All proceeds will go to the Private Manning Family Fund ,  eaising money to support  family members in Wales with the cost of prison visits to Chelsea in Kansas.

As Chelsea's American grandmother said:

      if you can;t tell the truth, then don't bother speaking!

Chelsea told the truth and has paid with her liberty.


( may be subject to minor changes)

A Gathering for Chelsea (Bradley Manning
brought by Irish musicians, performers and other supporters to Manning's family in West Wales.
Suppported by Irish Justice and peace group Afri

Friday 10 January, 7.30pm-11pm
Irish music and performance night
Shamrock Bar, The Square, Fishguard

With Irish musicians Joe Black, Robbie Sinnot, Brian Fleming, Ellen Cranitch, Imogen Gunner, RoJ Whelan & singer Sorcha Fox.
Donal O'Kelly will perform his award winning solo show Fionnuala

Entry by donation.

Saturday 11 January, 2pm-5pm
Solidarity with Chelsea Manning from Ireland: Public Meeting & Live Irish Music
The Picton Centre, Freemans Way, Haverfordwest

Introduction by Joe Murray and Donal O' Kelly
Harry Browne, journalist, lecturer & author
Nuala Kelly, formerly Director of ICPO ( Irish Commision for Prisoners Overseas)
Ciaron O'Reilly, former prisoner of the US (Manning WISE UP solidarity network).
Human Rights Lawyer Gareth Pierce (live or as a video address)
Chaired by Andy Storey of Afri.
Live music with Brian Fleming, Joe Black, Rovbbie Sinnot, RoJ Whelan, Ellen Cranitch, Imogen Gunner.

Entry by donation.

Saturday 11 January, 7.300m-11pm
Irsih music and performance night (with bar and buffet)
The Labour Club, Dew Street, Haverfordwest

Muscicians: Joe Black, Rovbbie Sinnot, Imogen Gunner, Wllen Cranitch, Brian Fleming
Sorcha Fox will perform her poetry piece with film Who Am Ireland?
Brian Fleming will perform his show Have Yis No Names to Go to?
The evening will end with an Irish music session.

Entry by ticket £5
Limited tickets - Booking essential.

Contact :

or call 07938 6119825 or 07812 577204



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