Sunday, 29 January 2017

Anger over Trump's Muslim ban

Our unelected PM, Theresa May's eagerness to be the first foreign leader  to shake Donald Trump's hand was simply nauseating to look at. Afterwards she refused  to criticise him for his blanket Muslim ban and has invited him to visit the UK..
 "The moment we once again lost a little more moral authority. The hypocrisy of the debate on British values becomes more stark by the day." said Conservative peer Baroness Warsi
The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn added: "President Trump's executive order against refugees and Muslims should shock and appal us all", he went on to highlight the fact that Britain's greatest Olympian would also be banned from the country. He also called for Donald Trump to be banned from UK visit until Muslim ban is lifted.
Trump on Friday signed an executive order that will curb immigration and the entry of refugees from some Muslim-majority countries, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan and Syria. He separately said he wanted the US to give priority to Syrian Christians fleeing the civil war there. All Refugees are blocked for three months. Syrian refugees are banned permanently..It will also shut down the entire refugee program for 120 days.The administration’s assault on civil liberties explicitly targets the world’s most vulnerable populations — refugees and asylum seekers fleeing devastating wars.
A global backlash against U.S. President Donald Trump's immigration curbs has since gathered strength  as several countries including long-standing American allies criticised the measures as discriminatory and divisive.
The United Nations refugee agency and the International Organisation for Migration called on the Trump administration to continue offering asylum to people fleeing war and persecution, saying its resettlement programme was vital.
"The needs of refugees and migrants worldwide have never been greater and the US resettlement programme is one of the most important in the world," the two Geneva-based agencies said in a joint statement on Saturday.
The order which is nothing short of a Muslim ban by another name, is cruel and callous, and espouses positions contrary to the professed values of the United States, based on bigotry and will certainly produce more problems than it purports to solve. The ban is with immediate effect and has already caused widespread chaos, fear and disruption. Airport authorities in the US have already held passengers for interrogation. There have been reported instances of people boarding flights before the announcement was made being detained on arrival in the US.Deeply upsetting and troubling to all caught up in all of this.Among those also believed to have been affected is Olympic hero Mo Farah, who is a British passport holder but was born in Somalia – one of seven countries to which travel restrictions apply.
Theresa May's bowing and fawning and deferential manner to this xenophobic racist, known for his well documented misogyny and vulgarity and her initial refusal to condemn him for the Muslim ban is simply shameful and shocking. The Presidents actions have horrified the world and this was a moment when she should have showed us what side she's on. But rather than fighting to build a world that is open, tolerant and united,  May, Trump and their allies are simply dividing the world in a very dangerous way making it a  scary place to exist at the moment.Many have compared May's behaviour to former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's during the run up to the Second World War. Anger was seen across social media, with the hashtag TheresaTheAppeaser  trending in the UK, as well as several related hashtags.
It emerged late on Saturday that the restrictions would also apply to people with dual citizenship – including Brits. and May after coming under fierce attack  has since been forced to make a hasty half -hearted U-turn over Trump's ban on refugees from Muslim majority countries, issuing a midnight statement saying she does not agree with the policy..
Emergency protests at major international US airports by anti-racist campaignerss to lift the ban are now in effect.Campaigners holding banners saying “Muslim lives matter” and “We are ALL immigrants” have filled the streets. Tomorrow, more protests are expected. An official petition to ban Trump from visiting the UK on a planned state visit later this year hit 120,000 and counting in just a few hours –  meaning it must be considered for debate by Parliament:-


 Protests targeting Trump will now be a big priority for the anti-war and anti-racist movements here in the UK too. An opportunity to oppose the threats to migrants and the anti-Muslim racism in this country, as well as showing solidarity with protests in the US.Anti-Fascist groups have organised several protests against Trump, with one due to be held outside Downing Street Monday evening.  Hopefully the people will not let this stand.

 1941 Dr. Seuss cartoon criticising America's stance on refusing safe haven for Jews. Recognise the t-shirt slogan?

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