Thursday, 5 January 2017

Know Hope: Life after death in Palestine: crowdfund appeal for new film

“After years on Israel’s most wanted list, a Palestinian militant leader renounces violence for cultural resistance. His losses are great but his hopes are greater.”

Know Hope is a planned  documentary on Zakaria Zubede former head of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade who gave up armed struggle against Israeli occupation and helped to found a theater company–The Freedom Theatre in Jenin. Zakaria was once the most wanted man is Israel for his part in resisting the occupation during the second Palestinian uprising.  In 2007 however, he renounced militancy for Israeli amnesty, committing himself solely to cultural resistance and soon became one of the symbols for the cultural movement in Palestine.  This fact has made him a continued target, not just from Israel but from the Palestinian Authority as well.
It will be an important documentary in highlighting the Palestinian plight, about elemental issues of self determination, of the desire for peace, and the never ending search for a resolution to the situation. This complex story follows Zakaria  who's life embodies the tragedy and the paradox of the Occupation, he represents their past and is hopeful for their future. He wants peace with Israel, but  peace cannot come without freedom; this must come before the other. He no longer puts his hope in a distressingly compromised two state solution but behind a movement for equal rights for all between the river Jordan and the Mediterranean sea and the desire to share the riches of a binational democracy.

You can visit the “Know Hope” website here:- 

Link to  website of The Freedom Theatre :-

Video on project :-
Here is link to crowdfunder page where you can help complete the film. In total, they  need to raise around £75,000 to cover the entire completion costs, and a portion of this they are hoping to crowdfund :-

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