Friday, 20 January 2017

Donald Trump: the world is watching

Currently in light of the Trump presidency, and  following yesterdays post am feeling quite numb. But I also  realise that we are all now living in  days of anxiety, fear and confusion and a period of deep transition. We must continue to bear witness and try to keep hope alive, let love triumph not the forces of racism and hate, standing  up against the forces of the far right and the politics of hate by continuing to build Bridges Not Walls, refusing to accept a world where bigotry and extreme right wing views and language are accepted.
Donald Trump now the leader of the most powerful countries in the world for at least four years wants you to give up and let him shape the world in his backward vision.For anyone concerned  about human rights, the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States, be under no illusion, poses an acute threat to the global human rights movement. He’s threatened our planet and he’s threatened Muslims, women and countless others with his hate filled rhetoric with echos of the 1930's ,and it should be noted that currently the White House has removed its climate change web page, and the healthcare, civil rights and LGBT sections. The election of Donald Trump makes our world an incredibly dangerous place. If you believe another world is possible,now is not the time to simply sit back  and watch the Donald Trump show from the sidelines, we must continue to resist Trumpism,  and combat the conditions that allowed its emergence.
As Donald J. Trump starts his term as 45th President of the United States, tell him to abandon the hateful rhetoric and promise to stand up for human rights for everyone in America and around the world.

Take action :

 Will you stand up for human rights , President Trump?

Another world is possible.

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