Tuesday, 10 January 2017

For the mighty furbster , Jane Elizabeth Husband (9/5/60 - 8/1/17) - Flower of Grace

This is the most difficult post I've ever written, probably one of my shortest, but  it is with great sadness I must release the news  that my lover and partner,the blessed  mighty furbster Jane Husband has passed  away after a long courageous  battle with cancer.
This beautiful musician, gardener, book lover, music aficionada,peace campaigner, nature loving, feline admirer, friend of social justice, touched the hearts and minds of many, with her love, compassion and understanding.Never passive though, carried so much strength, ... cheers to her mum and dad and reg the crow.
May this star forever shine brightly, her light forever remains.This wonderful , beautiful spirit, captured entirely what is good about humanity. RIP dearest beloved Jane thank you so much for sharing your love. xxxx

RIP dearest beloved Jane.

Flower of Grace

Thank you kindly, farewell beloved

 on every morning of the future

 we  will feel your  spirit

and know that you will understand

as you sit there on your cloud

watching gardens  below  bloom again  

the seasons  will thank you

your beauty will never dim

words ever clear, vision bright

as we continue to fight through life

remembering all the happy times we shared

my thinking will be warmed

by thoughts  of a rare beauty

in peace and total harmony.

Love you, Dave Rendle, teifidancer, Aberteifi/Cardigan, 9/1/17


  1. Beautiful words for a beautiful woman... Yesterday, I penned a poem in memory of my dear friend too.
    I sensed Jane exit her earthly form, this afternoon,
    As I travelled down south on the A487.
    Crepuscular rays from the towering cumulus
    Spanned the green fields 'tween the Aeron Valley and New Quay
    As she alighted the silver stairway to eternity.

    Thinking of you Dave x Stephanie Burgess 10/01/16

    1. wow.. that is so beautiful.. thank you so much, all the very nest

  2. Dave, I am so sorry to hear this terrible news. Beautiful words for a beautiful lady. Sincerest condolences, and may she shine bright. Helen and Jem xx

  3. Heavy hearted with the weight of this news. A wondrous woman, with such an enormity of inner strength, compassionate, warm, deeply affectionate, funny, bright, witty, honest and unafraid to speak her mind. Jane will be mightily missed by all who knew and loved her. My thoughts with you Dave Rendle and Jane's parents. Janice xx

  4. cheers, thank you kindly, much appreciated, all the best Dave. xx