Sunday, 1 January 2017

Every day is precious

(happy new year/blwyddyn newydd da)

Every day is precious

in  the cacophony of confusion

the decrepitude of our civilisation

as time moves on, now is the time
                                         to unite

a chance to reach out

comfort strangers in need of  love

all of us the same, brittle as sand

in human form easily bruised

lost sometimes waiting to be found

shadows dancing among the flames

crying for help  waiting to be released

spreading wings in shaking air

each day is a gift delivered

so keep inviting , keep giving support

keep defying the walls that divide

religious fanaticism, fascism and greed

in  unity we can release comfort

to all that are in need

give the gift of compassion

with all our hearts and soul

reach out with mutual aid.

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