Monday, 30 January 2017


Found above on facebook, this morning, not sure who has organised it but worth supporting. It inspired the following. Cheers.

Everyone is equal

we're all the same inside

I believe in unity 

standing  together with pride  

beyond politicians cruel game

and vicious biting tonques

building bridges not walls

our love they will never contain

with diversity we can join together 

speaking the language of humanity

that does not dwell on our differences

keeps on reaching out, releasing our hopes.

( The above , incidentally first poem of mine released since Jane's passing, 8/1/17

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  1. people are confronting President Trump’s ban on Muslims and refugees.To stand in solidarity with them here in the UK we must first hold our own Government to account. Not only to put pressure on the President, but to challenge UK policies that are just as offensive and discriminatory.
    Just got back from rather well attended vigil for a drizzly wet Aberteifi afternoon, that had only been spread by word of mouth a few hours earlier. Lots of honking of horns in a positive way by people driving by, young and old from local community,from all walks of life..