Monday, 15 May 2017

Are You Experienced?

Experience, people say
Is the one and only way,
To learn the hardest facts of life
To hold joy and share the strife,
To fall down and get up again
To face the darkest days and not to surrender,
In the company of friends, sincere and dear
Beckoning us on to a future  near,
Over boulders, rocks and pebbles there
The sounds of the past still in the air,
The taste of tears, in the mists of time
Shades of answers that expand the mind,
Deep reflections from the dawns of yesterday
Out of cages leaping, flying free,
Solving problems, always looking
On trips that keeps us seeking
Walking forwards into another space
Growing stronger in ages of confusion,
Lessons learned, feelings to augment
In world's expanse, memories not forgotten,
Are we not all experienced in one thing or the other
Allowing us to baptise now, in the name of tomorrow.

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