Sunday, 28 May 2017

Me and Mary and sweet Jane

Me and my dearest companion
would often visit Shropshire
to  pay our deepest respect,
we'd find some stone circles
get lost in love and stuff,
in nature we would walk
follow the steps of Mary Webb
the sunlight of all reason
the quiet awakenings of the day,
feeling strong in landscapes
                             of beauty,
on pilgrimages, we touched magic
still resonating to this day,
celebrate humanity
and love unconditionally,
as echoes return ,waving endlessly
I try to keep discovering.


  1. Love it, poignant tribute heart felt, soft, yet strong.

    Cecelia Grant-Peters

  2. cheers... thank you kindly . Dave

  3. Very moving poem, Dave. As Nigel said when you read it on Friday night, "get lost in love and stuff" is a great line. Reminds me of a story John McGahern told me, of walking behind two kids on a path at Colgate University, where he was teaching. The girl was enthusing about Spring and the boy said, "Oh, yeah, birds 'n stuff". I also very much like those echoes that return at the end, waving endlessly so that you keep on discovering.

  4. cheers roger, love and stuff, keeps us going, was so nice to meet you and Nigel too, collections proudly displayed on my bookshelves. I inadvertently forgot to buy your cd. Will do at some point, all the very best, thanks for visiting us again, much appreciated.