Friday, 12 May 2017

Relax with the Conservatives - Peter Cook

The BBC and their political editor  Laura Keunssbergu have been under  fire this week for blatant Pro Tory bias and propaganda. The BBC  are supposed to remain neutral and impartial  but the fact that they are doing this  during an actual election campaign  seems to be absolutely  incredible.  Ofcom has been inundated  with  complaints. Viewers contacted the watchdog about more than 60 BBC broadcasts in the last month – around twice the usual number. Around two thirds of the complaints were about ‘due impartiality’ and ‘bias’ on BBC News, and current affairs programmes like Newsnight and Question Time.
It seems we wont need to be hypnotised by the Tory's, the media is already doing this on there behalf. They are trying to fool the nation. Wake up, snap out of it, don't be fooled. The truth is the Government  is starving our NHS, a Government that has cut money from disabled people, with their conscious cruelty, despite their bluster, they simply do not care. Nor do they seem to want to shape a future that will benefit people socially and economically.
Don't let them continue to fail our country. Now more than ever we must defeat the Tory's ideological driven austerity, it is their heartless policies that we have to continue to be worried about. We have to stop them in their tracks, we have far to much to lose.
Meanwhile here's a timeless classic from the late great Peter Cook.

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