Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Election video 2017

The upcoming General Election on June 8th is hugely important for the future of our country and we hope this video will help people with their decision on who to vote for.

The video script was written by two ordinary guys, a junior doctor and a copywriter.

To read more about the issues raised in this video please visit: GetTheTruth.org.uk

The video was produced by the team behind School Of Life:

Animation by Peter Caires, follow him at @peterlikesthis
In collaboration with @MadAdamFilms
Voice over by Sam Caseley

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 I will add some further thoughts, I actually have many friends who choose not to vote, do not trust any politician or party, it's not that they suffer from apathy, they do not support the current democratic process, many participate in direct action, protest and make their voices known, political opinion does exist beyond that  represented by the mainstream parties, outside parliament and government. Many angry and dissatisfied, but still with a thirst for change, at the end of the day they should not be forgotten. I would  urge non voters though not to be silent in this forthcoming election. If there is no actual candidate or party who they still do not trust to work hard for things they believe in, then vote NONE in protest. I've decided who i'll be voting for, you can hazard a guess from some of my previous posts. I want change we're not going to get any with the current incumbents.

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