Friday, 19 May 2017

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017

Old people - we'll take your house and your pension  and make sure  you pay for your own social care

Young people - We offer you no future

Poor people - we'll keep making you poorer

Benefit Claimants - we  will exterminate, exterminate

Children - buy your own lunch you scroungers, Theresa May strong and stable will steal the food from your table

Workers - have less money

Public Services - Cut, Cut, Cut

An affordable home for every landlord

Tax dodging corporations - we'll spend even less chasing you

Cut taxes to the rich

Corrupt millionaires - don't worry we're getting rid of the serious fraud office

Kill more wildlife

Corporate Media - Thank you for having our back , we'll cancel that pesky enquiry into your ethics

NHS -  cackling laughter and the sound of circling vultures

More Fracking

Hard Brexit

No turning back

Strong and Stable

Light on detail

Repeat , Strong and Stable

Vote Conservative June 8th

You Know it makes no sense at all

( Disclaimer: We don't have to live in the dystopia  outlined  by Theresa May . The wonderful thing about living in a democracy is that we have a choice, a fairer Britain  or the backward vision summarised here.)

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