Sunday, 7 May 2017

The History of Religion, From Magic Rocks to the Modern Day

Cartoonist Paul Kinsella takes us through the history of religion, one picture at a time:

Evolution is not a religion.

Evolution is a constantly observed, reviewed , and never disproved fact.

If this conflicts with your religious beliefs then I suggest you observe and review whatever it is you believe.

Evolution is backed by tangible evidence.

Your beliefs are not.

Does it really matter?

We are all designed to go.

Some of us  unfortunately never reach the " Growing up" stage.

Magic does indeed rock.

Better make the most of it.

By the way my imaginary friend is better than yours.

Footnote :-

The Irish blasphemy investigation into Stephen Fry continues a very dangerous trend of European countries using blasphemy laws to silence criticism of religion.
We cannot afford to let religious conservatives turn back the clock on decades of social progress.
Blasphemy laws make us all less free, and they suppress our ability to criticise unfair practices and to work for a fairer, more secular society where everyone is treated equally.

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