Friday, 23 June 2017

Don't be a creep, Radiohead

Radiohead  a band that I have followed for years, and have long admired, I've  got most of their records, I even have a poster in spare bedroom, are planning to cross the Palestinian picket line and entertain Israeli apartheid on July 19, 2017, helping Israel whitewash its oppression of Palestinians.
In a petition to English rock band Radiohead, Jewish voices for Peace asked the rockers to respect the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign targeting Israel, and cancel a Tel Aviv gig scheduled for July.
Launched by dozens of Palestinian civil society groups in 2005, the BDS campaign aims to isolate Israel in protest against its apartheid policies towards Palestinians .By agreeing to perform in Israel, Radiohead is helping to create the false idea that Israel is a normal country like any other and helping Israel whitewash its oppression of Palestinians.
In a letter to supporters, JVP noted: “The band knows what social justice means, they’ve stood up for Tibet, and against the War on Terror. Yorke even tweeted about not normalizing Trump. And as artists with a conscience, Radiohead should stand in solidarity with Palestine ...
 “They’d be far from alone. Ms. Lauryn Hill, Roger Waters, Brian Eno, Elvis Costello, Bjork and many others have heeded Palestinian civil society’s call. These artists see apartheid Israel for what it is. And most importantly, they’ve embraced their role in making change.
“Palestinians don't have a choice to reject or accept apartheid in Israel. It is a daily, grinding experience. Radiohead has a choice to do the right thing. I still hold out hope that they will.”
Today, Radiohead will headline Glastonbury, Europe’s largest festival. With your help and social media voice, fans will be on hand making sure the message gets through to Radiohead: Don’t endorse apartheid!
Negative publicity has plagued Radiohead’s European tour, where supporters of Palestinian rights have urged the band to cancel the show and respect the call from Palestinian civil society to boycott Israel until it respects Palestinian rights. In London, Radiohead’s corporate offices were picketed.
Palestiniansthousands of Radiohead fans, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Ken Loach, Roger Waters, the Young Fathers and tens of renowned artists have all called on Radiohead to cancel their Israel gig. And during the band’s US tour, Radiohead fans unfurled banners at concerts and published articles in the press to get Radiohead to turn away from playing apartheid.
Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke recently broke the band's silence in an interview on Rolling Stone, describing calls not to cross the Palestinian picket line as "divisive" and accusing supporters of Palestinian rights of "throwing around" the word apartheid. Roger WatersKen Loach and others have responded to Yorke's comments.  
Take action: Radiohead care a lot about their reputation and their image. Publicly call on Radiohead not to perform in Israel by pressing the button below to send a Tweet: 
.@radiohead doesn't want to hear about Palestinian rights. Let's be loud.

There are other ways you can get involved with the campaign: 
Today, can you tweet messages to @radiohead using the hashtags #Glastonbury2017 and #LoveRadioheadHateApartheid to tell them what you think about crossing the Palestinian picket line?
Here are some sample tweets:
  • Don’t play apartheid Israel, @Radiohead. You don’t belong there.
  • No one regrets boycotting Apartheid South Africa. @Radiohead, cancel Apartheid Israel.
  • Don’t be a creep, @Radiohead. Respect the Palestinian picket line. Cancel Israel gig.
  • It’s #NotOK, @Radiohead, to cross the Palestinian picket line. Cancel show in Apartheid Israel #OKNotOK
  • Hey @Radiohead, if your support for justice isn’t “mere rhetoric”, you’ll cancel gig in Apartheid Israel
  • Hey @Radiohead, during apartheid South Africa, artists stayed away. Time to do the same with Israel.
For more tweets, ideas and social media actions, check out the BDS movement’s page here.
If they continue which I sincerely hope they don't, have some Radiohead cd's going spare.
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