Saturday, 10 June 2017

Not in our names

The torys have agreed to to form a power sharing agreement with a party the DUP which  really is a nasty piece of work. It was founded, for one thing, by the bigot Ian Paisley, his son succeeded his father as North Antrim MP in 2010. He is also a member of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, which his father led.and its goal is to keep Northern Ireland in the UK. It supported Brexit, and has a number of other odious stands, opposing equal rights for LGBT people, in a 2007 interview, Mr Paisley expressed his views on same sex marriages. He told Hot Press magazine he was "pretty repulsed" by gay people and lesbianism. and  his party is  also against women's rights , climate change deniers among many things.(see here, here, here,  and here for documentation). There new leader and Theresa May's mate Arlene Foster was meeting with loyalist UDA terror group boss Jackie McDonald for UDA members election support, just 48 hours after the UDA had shot a man dead in front of his three year old son in a Sainsbury car park.
Just engaging with  these very real terrorist sympathisers is simply vile, we seem to  now to have a coalition of hate. All very frightening and chilling.
However, a note of caution, lets remember that the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) can't vote on English laws (due to the EVEL law passed in 2015)
technically there can't be a coalition with the DUP due to the peace agreement and our promise of neutrality, so there is a "supply of consent"- so the tories are a minority government.
And to be fair Theresa May warned us all of a coalition of chaos propped up by terrorist sympathisers, she just forgot to say she would be leading it. She also said  we should fight extremism, this then is what we must do then, we must continue to resist these dark forces. Not in our names.

No confidence in a Conservative and DUP Coalition

Stop the DUP & TORIES forming a Minority Government!

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