Thursday, 1 June 2017

Theresa May finally emerged

Theresa May finally emerged from her dark hiding hole and called on Britain to unite behind her leadership and use Brexit to build a “brighter future” as she made another general election visit to the North East. Maggie May  tried to paint a positive picture of life in the UK once we quit the European Union, under her leadership.
But many people are increasingly distrusting of her after so many u-turns from her, a  new poll by YouGov published today – and taken before May’s no show at last night’s debate – puts public confidence in May’s ability to lead the country at its lowest recorded level, and  that Labour are increasingly catching up with her, because despite the right wings media attempts to portray Jeremy Corbyn as some sort of Tasmanian devil, people are finally beginning to see through the tissue of lies and deceit that have been spread.
But I can’t remember when there was another politician standing for election who was so cowardly as to not to want to debate as May. She has become completely reliant on her friends at the BBC and the billionaire owned press to cover for her and make excuses for her.
The bottom line is she is scared. Too scared to be confronted by ordinary people in ordinary circumstances. Holding so called meetings with party faithful and rent-a-crowds drafted in ,so they look normal. Only answering questions from journalists when she can see the questions in advance.
This is someone who claims to be “strong and stable” but in actual fact she is a political flop running scared, and weak and wobbly is how many people are now actually seeing her. Her PR people and her team clearly have no confidence in her ability to conduct herself outwith her “safe-space” of friendly journalists and sterile surroundings. If this is the best that the Tories can come up with, then what does that say about the rest of them? I mean, they have every advantage. They have all the money from big business, they have the press and media self-interests solidly behind them, and yet their lead is crumbling in the face of one determined man and his enthusiastic followers.
She even used her  home secretary Amber Rudd to stand in for her in last nights BBC election debate , despite her dad's death 48 hours earlier, though saying that, this says more about her friend than it does about May. But surely if  May had an inch of compassion she would have said to Amber, look, I'm grateful to you that you were prepared to do it and that you are prepared to do it, but given all that you've been through this week, you shouldn't have to. But no she beat a retreat. She simply could not be bothered to turn up.  If she can't handle a few simple questions and engage in a simple debate, imagine how she'll do in negotiations with the EU, it's almost as if she can't be bothered, maybe deep down she realises her game is simply up.
And my oh my,what is that bicycle chain she keeps wearing round her neck,  it can be revealed the Prime Minister has worn the same Amanda Wakeley  chunky necklace which cost a thrifty £245,and why does she keep on grinning inanely like the chesire cat and not actually say anything of worth, just the usual soundbites that offer us no real hope at all?
Theresa May is possibly the worst and weakest Prime Minister this country has ever had. I really hope that today really is the end of May

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