Thursday, 15 June 2017

Send the Sun a message.

The Sun newspaper, which by the way is an insult  to journalism are offering to post free copies of their scum tabloid though your letterbox. All under the guise of free listings of games for the European Football Championship. Most considerate  post workers will refuse to send it as a mark of respect for all the damage and pain it has already unleashed. It is and always has been a disgraceful paper, releasing  daily a tissue of lies. Divisive daily torrents of hate. There commentary on the recent Grenfell tower fire  disaster has been pretty dodgy, fulfilling their role for the establishment with  innappropriate reportage of a tragedy which many people are viewing as a serious crime, who never ask questions about the disgusting disregard for the lives and safety of ordinary people.And lets not forget what they wrote about  Hillsborough. “The Truth.Some fans picked pockets of victims,Some fans urinated on the brave cops
Some fans beat up PC giving kiss of life.” 
just four days after their loved ones had died, four days after they had narrowly escaped death themselves, Liverpool supporters were confronted with those headlines. People actually believed those headlines. Lets not forget when 96 people had their lives crushed out of them. 
They simply have a disgraceful  hidden agenda to every story. Daily releasing a pious debasing rhetoric that is simply offensive and unacceptable to the order of the Murdoch empire, that controls the flow of media to almost half the planet. Releasing abuse to benefit claimants, refugees, the disabled, transphobic, homophobic, islamophobic, that never shows any tolerance, decency or fairness, with a dirty right wing bias. It  truly is  gutter press of  the lowest common denominator which offers no value at all to society. The Scum for a long time for  me has been simply unforgiveable. There is no excuse for buying or reading The Sun. None whatsoever. The rag is like a swamp that needs draining. Fortunately I know enough people that do not want this paper, even for free. .

Let's send them a message.

If you receive a free copy of The Sun through your letter box please take the time wrap it in paper.
Masking tape the ends and to send it freepost to.....

Head Office Postal Address
News UK & Ireland Ltd...
1 London Bridge Street
London SE1 9GF
United Kingdom

Don't bother paying for the postage. They can take care of that shit at the other end.

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  1. It was revealed today that a Sun journalist impersonated a Grenfell Tower victim's friend at hospital