Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Government: "No cover-up of official #Grenfell death toll"

LABOUR MP David Lammy has made dramatic claims of a cover up recently over the tragic Grenfell Tower fire.
Mr Lammy, who lost his friend, artist Khadija Saye, in the shocking inferno which so far has a death toll of 79 , called on the Prime Minister and Metropolitan Police to immediately seize all relevant Grenfell Tower documents.
Among residents,  trust in the authorities is falling through the floor and suspicion of a cover-up is rising , Theresa May and investigators must now ensure all pertinent documents are protected.
The Prime Minister needs to act immediately to ensure that all evidence is protected so that everyone culpable for what happened at Grenfell Tower is held to account and feels the full force of the law.
A tragic story of Austerity, a culture of neglect  that has resulted in the loss of many thousands over the last years. These are crimes of epic proportions.  Justice must be served.
The Conservatives have said there's no cover-up of the official  # Grenfell Tower fire death toll despite MPs like David Lammy suggesting there might have been. Because there’s no way the government would lie to people or try to cover anything up, that would be just silly.

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