Sunday, 18 June 2017

For Grenfell Tower: a poem

It is nearly summertime, but it's increasingly getting very bitter.
Theresa May not capable of shaping society for the better
Getting daily free food and accommodation and so much more,
Just adds insult to injury to  those already feeling  sour
Victims of Grenfell Tower fire, without food,  no roof over head
Feeling abandoned a community mourns for their dead. .

The Queen,  managed to walk the streets, for some this was noble
Had at least made the effort to leave her palace of gold,
After many poorer people had died in  raging inferno
Maybe she found time to witness the cracks of division,
The feelings of despair and rage as the Prime Minister hid
Streams of rage currently growing stronger until she is rid.

There are almost 20,000  Ghost homes sitting empty in London.
Many left on the streets feeling the heavy weight of burden,
And the Crown Jewels value means nothing at all to those lost
Nor the CEO's receiving  millions  as a reward  for cutting costs
While fire resistant cladding is 24 pounds per square metre
Money still keeps getting wasted on those that don't deserve it.

As a  people's need for justice grows bigger and bigger
And the scent  of anger keeps blowing through our streets,
We are connected by faultlines of separation and inequality
Certain lives are still considered more important than others,
As smoke drifts, lets not forget the crimes of greed and selfishness
remember the victims, harmed by the crime of recklessness.

The future will look back in anger and deep everlasting shame
Until there is justice and those responsible are apportioned blame,
This tragedy will not be forgotten and nothing  will ever be enough
For those that are daily caught up by the effects and anxiety of poverty,
Revealing the wealth disparity that crawls through our days
Let the healing begin, time now to abandon division.

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