Sunday, 13 August 2017

Anti Fascist Poem

                                            Dedicated to Heather Heyer R.I.P

There should be no platform
For bigoted people with fascist views,
It's time to block and remove the space
That promotes superiority of white race,
Alt right equals Nazi, it's as simple as this
Provoking Nazi salutes, spreading hate.

Yesterday Heather Heyer was murdered
In Charlottesville, USA, this occurred,
During an anti fascist demonstration
Slain by stagnated forces of negation,
Enough is enough people cry
We do not forget, we do not forgive!

Fascism does not arrive as a friend
Already using the language of persecution,
Daily threatening minorities and the vulnerable
Spreading message of repugnance and hate,
Harassing, prejudiced and spreading fear.
They will never be given a welcome here.

40 years ago the fascists were beaten
At the battle of Lewisham,
Intolerance was not accepted
Today we must face them again,
Standing together, proud and strong
We will resist, they shall not pass.

The above poem can now also be found here too :-


  1. The very purest drivel. A vanishingly, infinitesimally nano-handful of deranged zealots and BOOM Nazis stalk the land infesting every interstice of human life. I was there at Lewisham and a decade earlier taking on the NF and its predecessor long before you were a twinkle in the milkman's eye. Grow up

  2. they are still fascists, you might seem to think you have grown up, but wherever they march if they are not challenged they grow. They still stalk our own land Britain First, EDL, North wales etc etc, however small just as menacing, still subtely appealing to some, just because there is not a mass of them, do we simply ignore them,hope they simply disappear, or do you want to give them a pat on the back. ffs. They are still a threat to our communities. Regards patronising Radical democrat, perhaps you should get of your high horse, there is no such thing as friendly fascism, that's why I responded the way I did. And many years after Lewisham I have stood with others who have continually confronted them.

  3. Like the Klan before them , these neo-Nazis are the genuine face of American fascism, and they have powerful defenders. Their intent is to organise and provoke and create an America where certain people simply do not exist. Racist provocateurs and ideologues following the flags of freedom of speech. I will end by saying neither the klan or the Nazis are engaged in free speech. That claim is a lie. They are engaged in incitement to mass murder, incitement of homicide, incitement of genocide. When civil  libertarians like the ACLU claim they are talking about ideas, that is bogus too. What they are doing is recruiting to a programme of racism and hate, in open provocation.