Friday, 12 September 2014

Childhood under seige

This animation was made in response to the crises in Gaza. These drawings are original  pictures by Palestinian children from the area which depict both  the brutalities experienced in the 2008 war  and their hopes and dreams for the future.
During the most recent conflict one child died  every hour in Gaza and every child there, aged  6 and over has already  experienced 3 or  more wars.
Despite the ceasefire, the Israeli-imposed blockade  remains and  will ensure that children growing up in Gaza with continue to live  through extreme hardship.
The focus of this piece is to grow, spread and strengthen awareness of the Palestinian struggle for freedom so that there can be a positive and just future.

Animation by Plastic Horse
Sound Design by Giacomo Trivelli
Written and produced by Katie Clark

There are over 800,000 children living in Gaza, they make up more than half of the population. They  remain a source  of  optimism and much courage, the world should not forget them as they are forced to  live out their lives  in the ruins of a concentration camp. Their rights to education curtailed with closures and curfews of schools and classes, leading to insecurity and dermoralisation combined  with home demolishments, arbitrary arrests, checkpoints, and the wall, daily they are witnewss to injustices and oppression.Today it is these children  who are still paying the highest  price of this conflict.
Yet despite all this these children remain a source of optimism, hope and much courage.  My dream is that  they all  grow up and find their much deserved freedom.


Lesson 1 :- Resist

Lesson 2 :- Rebuild

Lesson 3 :- Boycott

Lesson 4 :- Resist

Lesson 5 :- We build life

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