Sunday, 21 September 2014


Poem  read out at above event, this afternoon where I joined  over 150 people gathered  at ParcAberporth to mark Intenational Day of Peace. A symbolic 'drape the drones' took place,   and we called  for an end  to militarism, no to drone warfare,  and a halt to plans to spend £100b of  taxpayers money on rplcing the Trident Weapons system.

Standing together
threads unwrapped,
impenetratable, not complicit
we  remember innocents lost
to remote controlled  killing machines,
from within sources of passion woven
richness of colour, keep us dreaming
stitches of time, spinning,
searching clearly for waves of hope.
As winter grows near
something already is being changed,
tomorrow will be time, for light to shine
together tracing unity's  breath,
touching horizons. North, South, East and West
from this place, like singing birds
faith is restored, love rekindled,
as voices  float freely through the sky,
we continue following paths of  heddwch, peace.

wonder who this could be

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