Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The B.B.C is like an advertising agency that makes us believe in distortion

According to the BBC,  the economy is growing, there are more jobs than ever and the banks are our friends, and they keep telling us  about some rich  individuals who are expecting a baby, that their mum is a bit cross, seemingly furious because opinion polls seem to suggest that the vote for Scotland's  independence is getting close,  hardly any coincidence.
Last week hardly a muster of the daily protests against Nato in South Wales, and nothing on the enormous protests that took place in defence of the NHS. Do they tell us that Corporal Clegg is a plonker, that his puppeteer Cameron seems intent on taking us back to the 1980's, to many of us his daily onslaughts as bad as is hero Thatcher. The BBC seems to waffle, waffle, waffle, then add some bollocks,  then waffle some more. Don't get me started on their pathetic reportage on the siege of Gaza, an illegal occupation that is still happening now. their reportage one-sided, another contortion in entirety.
There is  something rotten going on here. There hiding all the real news from us, we have become their stooges, they want us to stop questioning,  they just want to hypnotise us with banality and lies. The effect of their  manipulations, is that it produces distortions that are not characteristic on the fibres of truth in which we live and breathe.
So lets start ignoring them, I already have,  we have the internet, books and many other sources of  alternative media and information, so use  them. Time to switch the brainwashers off.
Rant over here's a bit of music.

The Weary Blues - Artie Matthews (1915)

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