Thursday, 18 September 2014

Give the Tories a benefit cut they will never forget.

Some final thoughts. The establishment is running scared, the government,  big business and the banks have bought  out their big guns to try to scare the Scottish people, but  its inhabitants seem to be wide awake, despite the propaganda being spewed against them, they have been taking to the streets, organising, winning hearts and minds. I really hope they have not left it too late, and that they are brave enough to kick Westminster in the guts and win their freedom, and  that they remind the rest of us , that it is ok not to be complacent.
We need to  remember that the Tory government has no mandate, was not voted in, least of all the Lib Dems, who are have been propping them up, a  government still fixed on austerity whilst lining their own pockets and that of their friends. So I really hope David Cameron gets a big message - Fuck off now. I really hope these seeds  of discontentment grow and the hope  for a fairer more caring  and prosperous  society spreads like a virus,  reflecting a growing  disillusionment with Westminster led policies, a river of change that leaves the status quo shaking  in its boots. A yes vote on Scottish independence would plunge Cameron  into a leadership crisis  that could force him to quit. It's up to the rest of us to finish the job.

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