Saturday, 20 September 2014

Sad... no not really

Well I  have not slept for a couple of days, better then, than the other week, in South Wales when I only managed in a week to get about an hour a day shut eye. And  oh that reminds me,  the  last time I put on the television  left me feeling a tad miserable. Yet despite  this, and what they are saying, there has been a huge vote for independence, despite media manipulation a large percentance of the population of Scotland  rejected the corrupt undemocratic Westminster system in an unprecedented number.
So though very tired, had a sublime night of dub music by the magical Maya Mitten  down  in my local, the cellar bar, I remain faithfully optimistic for the future. I think  that with  creativity and diversity  we can create a brighter future, beyond   the neoliberal consensus and bullshit, that says no   to cuts and austerity, to nuclear missiles, yes to the N.H.S, together we reject  political parties that offer us no choice, so wee keep on fighting for some real change, and will not rest until, the day comes, that we will win.

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