Thursday, 4 September 2014

Subcomandante Marcos - In our dreams we have seen another world

Marcos spokesperson and 'anti-leader' of the Zapatistas, has become an icon of the global anti-capitalist struggle - a 'postmodern Che Guevara,' as one journalist put it. He's refused to disclose his identity though the Mexican government says he is Rafael Sebatian Guillier Vicente, formerly a professor in Mexico City. He has written more than  two hundred essays and stories and published more than twenty books. His words have always bought me comfort and have been a source of much inspiration. Another world is not only possible it is inevitable.

'In our dreams we have seen another world, an honest world, a world decidedly more fair than the one in which we  now live. We saw that in this world there was no need for armies, peace, justice and liberty were so common that no one talked about  them as far-off concepts but as things were named in this world. And in this world there was reason and goodwill in the government, and the leaders were clear-thinking people; they ruled by obeying. This world was not a dream from the past, it was  not something that came to us from our ancestors. It came from ahead, from the next step we were going to take. And so we started to move forward to attain  the dream, make  it come down and sit at our tables, light our homes, grow in our cornfields, fill the hearts of our children, wipe our sweat, heal our history.And it was for all.  This is what we want. Nothing  more, nothing less. Now we follow our path toward our true heart to ask it what we must do. We will return to our mountains to speak in our own tonque and in our own time. Thank you to the brothers and sisters who looked after us all these days. May your footsteps  follow  our path.



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