Sunday, 28 September 2014

Specks of hope

Yesterday  I was  one of thousands of poets around the world  who participated  in 100-Thousands  Poets for Change day. I took part in a reading  organised by my local  live literature group, the cellar bards, in conjunction with   our local  community bookshop, Leafed Through   in an event   that took place between 4 pm and 5pm, at  Prince Charles Quay here in Cardigan, West Wales.In an inspiring event  we gathered to celebrate and promote peace and sustainability  and call for much needed serious social environmental and political change with poems written on postcards. It was good to be involved in something so positive, with hundreds of cities representing and  over 100 countries signed up to the 100 TPC global initiative.More details here :-
The poem I read is included below.

Specks of hope

With this pen,
no walls are drawn,
unity's breath spins,
cancels out division,
removes all orders,
strangers' comfort lifts,
and a strong flame burns,
showering the earth with reason,
releasing leaves of hope,
gently  painting the sky,
in rivers of language,
opposing injustice,
in whirling devotion,
planting smiles on an ugly world,
spreading seeds of peace.


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