Thursday, 29 January 2015

France: Migrants, Asylum Seekers Abused and Destitute

Asylum seekers and migrants living in destitution in the port city of Calais experience harrassmet at the hands of French police. The abuses include beating and attacks with pepper spray as the migrants and asylum seekers walk in the streets or hide in trucks in the hope of travelling to the United Kingdom. We should not forget these ongoing  methods of repression against migrants that continue to happen on a daily basis. 
Also when European politicians from the extreme centre parties justify the deaths by drowning in the seas surrounding Fortress Europe on the grounds that this will dissuade people fleeing in search of a better life, We should not fail to notice why these people are here in the first place, humans trying desperately to escape conflict ridden countries trying to escape suffering,  fleeing from extreme poverty, seeking refuge  from violence and  persecution.We should remember who actually creates these unfair conditions in the first place. Is it not time to create and enforce a fair, coherent and humane asylum system. We must stop these individuals from being dehumanised. Often their journeys fraught  with danger, with at least 23,000  people estimated to  have lost   their lives trying to reach  Fortress Europe since 2001.
No person should be illegal, no borders are necessary.

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