Sunday, 25 January 2015

Ysbryd/Spirit ( a poem for Dydd Santes Dwynwen St Dwynwens day; The Welsh Patron Saint Of Lovers),

(for Jane and all lovers)

St Dwynwens spirit lives again today,
dances on the earth, echoes amongst heartbeats,
she opens up our eyes, to unite and embrace,
with residues  of light, releases feelings of joy,
traces the smiles of laughter and deep expression,
the breath of kindness, the bliss of kiss,
moving us together, on paths of harmony,
as we walk on strong, together hand in hand.
She wraps her arms around us gently,
to comfort and protect, the flow of shining time,
shimmering with protective potency,
under a star-studded sky,
she heals again, answers our whispering cry,
fortifies and keeps us warm, in the name of love,
her flame planting chords of harmony and peace,
infuses the world again, with scents of passion,
lifts us to places that contain no fear, no blame,
an emblem of hopes true power,
allows poetry to flourish, to be shared,
moments to cherish, to breathe in and out,
a sparkle that flutters amongst the crazy folds of life.

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