Friday, 9 January 2015

No Love, no friendship, no kindness is ever wasted.

(an experimental utopian prose adventure)

In dangerous times, we need to remember what we have almost lost. Take a walk and climb, look out to sea, let the salt waves surge over gorse flower, peace to arrive softly, mingling with our days,with  restorative sigh.
Remember too, that no friendship, no kindness is ever wasted. Tiptoe gently through the land, allow words of comfort to scatter,leave them on park benches, allow them to float down easily, for anyone to claim. There is no such thing as loving in vain, true one  can love someone who does not return it back. But for every unrequited  love another bigger love is born. The more  people you like, the more people will like you..The more you give, the more will be yours to give, forget about profit, forget about war.
Remember that the more smiles you put into circulation, the more will fly back. Let love and friendship and smiles be the currency of life. Not to be hoarded, to be shared, for all to benefit, to be kept in constant circulation, then we all benefit, under the moon and sun. We are all born in individual moments, not tarnished by injustice, essences of innocence..
Our  infinite possibilities contain keys to unlock the doors, we are denizens all,  here  just for a short time, so tread carefully, follow hands and the trail of sunsets, adventures mixed with diversity, return to tomorrow, be alive with mystery, knock on doors of memory, when moments come calling with doubt and bewilderment, shoulder to shoulder, we can learn.Together we are strong, strained of all its worries and misfortunes, life could be endurable, shaped with the glow of possibility, breathing gently, unveiling a future world of heddwch/peace.


  1. You are very optimistic Dave, but things are not so simple! Ok the message is simple if everybody would follow it! But just these days, you see what there is around ( islamic attempt in Paris etc.). Personally I felt very frustrated by some wasted friendships in the past. Now I try to be more careful. Wasted love? This happened too not long ago (but so many people went through that!!!) and it can spoil your life. Although you can write excellent poems and prose about "lost love"... Cheers Franca Panizza-Italy

  2. I know what you are saying Franca, it was deliberately optimistic, mere utopian fantasy, an ideal, what could be, what we have lost, my original words were much darker, but after Wednesday's events, thought I would try something lighter... regards....

  3. Keep spilling words of love, maybe they are utopian, better than tears of despair in these troubled times.

  4. keep it flowing Dave - we need it - pleasure to read your writings - keep it flowing xxxx because we witness so much that is ugly of human beings we need as much reminder of the beauty that we share and that which is around us to experience, we just have to sometimes be re-minded - thank you

  5. cheers old Kim, will try to keep em flowing... warm regards. xx