Saturday, 2 May 2015

All born equal?

As the BBC continues  its sychopantic fawning. Here's a really positive way to respond to the Royal Baby news. Donate to the Child Poverty Action Group.
Here's a link :-
Remember any other family living this kind of life  at taxpayers expenses would be hounded  by the  press  as benefit scroungers. No bunting for me, but I might have to go and find a sick bag.
If this event  releases  anything, it serves us all as a reminder of the appalling   inequality that still exists in our country, which is  at the core of  existence of monarchy.
Amid growing austerity,  these ocassions should remind  us too, that in 2015 modern Britain the aristocracy still own more than one third of the country continue to hold onto disproportionate power.  This baby will have  every need  pandered too, servents to make sure it goes for nothing, while others are born into poverty, whose  mums cannot  afford food or heating.
The sad fact remains, the gloss of inherited privilege, still shines,  I look forward to the day when, we are all born equal. Should not every new baby born, be headline news.

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