Monday, 25 May 2015

Anniversary of bombing of Alicante in Spanish Civil War, 1938

The Spanish Civil War, that dark passage of history  remains a period that the Spanish people  still show great reluctance to talk about, as memories still cling in the minds of survivors who lost loved ones due to fascist atrocities.
Today on the 25th May 1938, Italian fascist bombers with the full blessing of Fascist General Franco of Spain, launched an attack  on Alicante which is remembered as one of  the deadliest aerial missions of the Spanish Civil War.
It was a busy day in Alicante, a city still loyal to the Republican Government, the  busy market bristling with activity and life, when  more than 90 high explosive bombs were  dropped from the sky on the central market at in the morning. It  emerged as one of the  first deliberate ,cowardly, unprovoked attack against civilians during the Spanish Civil War. There were between 275 and 393 civilian deaths, manly women and children, with a 1,000 left wounded. Which was as many as those killed in Geurnica. For many millions of tourists who visit Spain every year, the war, and the injustices that sprung from it are still largely unkown. I for one will try to remember it's legacy and the evils of fascism.
For 75 years there was nothing to mark this terrible injustice, to remember what was done in the name of fascism .However in May 2013 anti-fascists were allowed to lay down a fitting tribute in the facade of the new market. This was subsequently vandalised, such is the extent that some still do not want the past to be remembered.
The message on the plaque reads " In homage to the citizens vilely murdered. For them , for the young people of yesterday, for those that did not make it,  for the young people of today and tomorrow.

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