Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Israeli illegal settlements, what you need to know in 60 seconds.

Life's rather bitter at the moment for many in my country at the moment, in the aftermath of a Tory election,  but this is nothing compared to the daily  harassment and displacement  faced by those who live in Palestine. Where the color of shame is daily spread. One of the major barriers to the Palestinians freedom is the existence and continuing growth of illegal Israeli colonies on land long recognised by the United Nations as belonging to Palestine. The new Netanyahu government is planning to extend it's support for these illegal constructions, that will  undoubtedly further inflame soaring tensions. Seen by many as a form of ethnic cleansing as the Israeli government seeks to replace Arab Palestinian populations in their own territories with Jewish Israelis. Settlers who have been accused again and again of inflicting violence on the existing inhabitants of the land they choose to build on.
You may have  heard about these Israeli Illegal settlements or even seen many images of this. But do you really know anything about how settlements effect Palestinian lives. Well in 60 seconds you will.
Friends of Al-qsa is  a British non-profit NGO company to defend the rights of Palestinians and to protect the sacred al-asqa- Sanctuary.

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