Tuesday, 19 May 2015

I love Badgers, so I'd rather their was a cull of Tories

The new Conservative Government will apparently continue their cull of badgers, regardless of complaints from the public. One thing, the Conservatives have proved time and time and again is their arrogant indifference and callous disregard to our wildlife, let alone, people. The savage immorality of them, must be stopped. As they plan to waste an obscene amount of money on this senseless cull, whilst at the same time  planning £12 billion of new welfare cuts. It is simply ridiculous logic.
The Defra Press office has confirmed  that Lord Gardiner has been  appointed as their Lords minister for DEFRA,  former Deputy Chief Executive  of the Countryside Alliance,http://markavery.info/2015/05/18/really/  yes this says,  clearly where their heart really lies.  However hard you look, you will never find a trace of compassion under their skin.
I would  urge you all, to send a little message, surely our countryside would be better served by lovely badgers, than, the roaming virus of Tory destruction.
I say save the badgers, cull all Tories


  1. If only they would follow the science ? Herds of cattle are also destroyed by the hundred. Here in Wales fortunately, the Welsh Government have set into process a five year project of badger innoculation, currently in its third year.
    As a method for T.B. prevention, I should ask if there is a 'safe' vaccination available for cattle as well ? regards AMB.

  2. Yes, and thanks for the comment, but time and time again, it has proved to be ineffective.. apologies for spelling. TB in cattle continues to rise but, I guess, the general populace would be against that too, at the end of the day will not eradicate, too costly, badgers are an easy target, especially when the media forgets to tell us, that the Tory government are at the moment culling humans as well. Sorry for lateness of reply, reliant on the library computer, regards.