Thursday, 21 May 2015

BBC guilty of broadcasting pro-Israeli propaganda.

Not the first time either, this is meant to be a news  organisation without an agenda.  In a ruling  the BBC''s editorial committe agreed with complainants that an online BBC article  about Gazas tunnels http:/// breached the organisations accuracy guidelines,  but Eadot Hechts  propaganda  piece ( minus the word 'independent' in  his biographical note ) remains on the BBC website..
Also this week, the World Service programme Business matters  is running a programme every day from Israel and the Occupied territories, which again  contains much innacuracy. Israel did not pull out of Gaza in 2005, Israel  remains the occupying power in Gaza and is recongnised  as such by the UN and international governments. Hamas did  not  take over Gaza it was elected to govern. Israel did not close down its borders with Gaza because Hamas  'is committed  to its destruction' but as part of its policy of occupation. etc etc
The Palestinian people are under occupation, or in exile, millions living as refugees. A programme like this does not make any sense unless these basic facts are  explained.  The BBC cannot keep making programmes about Gaza where Israel lies are presented as fact by a BBC presenters.
There are no comparable articles commissioned by the BBC from  Palestinian or Pro Palestinian commentators, in which they are given  carte blanche to set out their point of view. This a privilege afforded by the BBC  only to Israels spokespeople  and until now these  spokespeople have taken full advantage of this freedom across the BBC output, whether broadcast or online.
Israels propaganda time and time again is given prominence on the BBC whose news programmes reach 81% of  the UK audience
It is hoped that two ECU rulings  will go some way  to pushing back these privileges and introducing something that resembles professional journalism  in the BBC's coverage of Israels ongoing occupation of the Palestinian people.

Please dont be silent. Make your voice heard. Please  make an official complaint to the BBC everytime you see a whiff of bias.  It's our service, they need to be challenged.

Link to article that bought this matter to my attention :-

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