Saturday, 16 May 2015

Now Zen

Listen to the soft rain fall,
catch hope in hand,
when the streams of the world,
keep on passing by,
in the hours of dreaming,
breathe and inhale.

Follow the snails path,
and the trail of birds,
shifting sands, long winding roads,
beyond implosions that explode,
in satori breathe,
mind is empty and free.

In the presence of moments stillness,
we can be shores of touch and belief,
elements drifting, particles shining,
following  immediacies destination,
towards rivers long, journeys unknown,
spirits of the age, keep on turning,
in the ebb and flow of  life.


  1. Good dave.. Thank you.. There are places beyond our universe and our understanding... X

  2. Lovely Dave...Reminds me of one of mine... Hearing Things

    hearing things

    leaves falling
    like speech
    sudden turning
    bleaching meaning from the grind
    from behind
    you hear your soul call

    this walking
    stalking lilacs
    and the wet hair of late summer
    does not fit
    with the forward
    the lack
    of anything to go by

    and the peace of parts
    rules you
    seduces you
    in desperation
    the inner shakes you out
    snakes the moment through your skin
    to begin

  3. thank you kindly for your poem.