Friday, 22 May 2015

The scandal of food waste

Food waste  is morally unacceptable when their are people starving. In a year a supermarket like Tesco's admits  that 28,000 tons of food to waste was generated in its stores and distribution centres in just 6 months. And this just the tip of the iceburg when added to what other supermarkets throw out. How many could this have fed?  A great deal of this food  is still perfectly edible, for ***** sake!
If we did not live  in a profit obsessed capitalist society this simply would not happen. "We make less money if people got some  of our food for free " is the main argument why food is being wasted.But Capitalist companies that cannot make a profit on a commodity, would rather scrap it it than give it away, and allow the poor to eat, because there would be no profit in this. 
Then again if we did not live  in a capitalist society, poverty would not be such a problem either. We must stop these scandulous levels of foodwaste, 50% of edible and healthy food is routinely wasted, and serves as a symbol  of what is so wrong in our society.
Rather than wasting millions of pounds worth  of food  that is still usable, why not make supermarkets donate their leftover  produce that are still safe to eat to food banks.
Encourage existing customers to donate towards a delivery service to needy people in their area on the delivery run.
Is it not time to end this supermarket waste scandal

So please consider signing the following petition

or  just  simply take away for free what they do not want

Right my posts are going to be getting rather quieter from this day on, as I'm going on a short break. I might post a few things while away, and on my return, not sure how often , I will  post in the future, I will have a little think. All the best heddwch/peace.


  1. Food is treated like all sort of goods, like a plastic thing to get rid of when it becomes useless. I was thaught since the early age never to waste food, as my parents and grandparents were not rich and we had to save all was possible. But also at the local school they thaught that very strongly. Maybe it's no more in fashion to do that with the youngest generations!

  2. Yes , I believe that people are being taught how to forget, to go backwards instead of forward. A consumeraist form of brainwashing. But people beginning to see throughthe illusion, return to our roots. regards.