Saturday, 24 October 2015

Why I choose to wear a white poppy.

                               for all those who have died fighting for the wealth of a few

First things first, people have the right to wear whichever Poppy they want to. Many wear both. But my personal inclinations, are put off by the red poppy, to  much association for me with the glorification of war, and all its bloodshed, a mere marketing brand, used as a tool to promote current wars,  but acknowledge that  many people choose to  wear them  to remember lives lost in conflict. 
But there are alternatives, to this mass imposed red flower, that acknowledges the many civilian lives too. It is called the white  poppy. To wear one is not to be unpatriotic or anti British, disloyal, it is I guess just a badge of pride. The White poppy not just on show for  one day. but bought and sold all year round, used to remember all victims of war, acknowledge  that over 85%  of casualties and deaths are civilian. This year alone has seen the rise in childrens deaths, with thousands of others made homeless.
We who choose to wear the white poppy do not claim that the lives of servicemen and women are of any less value than those of others. After all, all life is sacred.
But I acknowledge  too all those conscientious objectors who chose not to fight and kill and truly honour their choice. I refuse to accept the current narratives, refuse to join in with  jingoism but will continue to show my respect. The greatest tribute to those who have sacrificed  all is to carry on working for peace, remembering the victims.
Rememberance was intended to be a pledge that war must never happen again, not to be used  to glorify or sanitise war. On Sunday November 8 I will wear a white poppy with peaceful intent.

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