Monday, 23 November 2015

Ode to Jeremy Hunt

( a rather silly ode, composed this morning)

Oh Jeremy Hunt, I'll be rather blunt,
you really are a complete Tory c***t,
it is not junior doctors that are a threat to patients,
the true danger lies with you and your friends,
cutting funds and asset stripping, tearing apart our beloved NHS,
because your conning us, letting this essential service to be broken,
carving it up, allowing its put upon workers to carry on choking,
your laugh is like bad medicine, poison for our soul,
you refuse to  face our questions, your simply out of control,
you continue to use damaging words against health professionals,
won't meet  demands, reach out and find some concessions,
but we will keep pleading for more consistency, 
 passionately we will continue to rally against your toxicity,
because Jeremy Hunt, you really are a stupid runt,
I hope that the people of this land continue to give you a shunt.