Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Make your stand today

If you stand for nothing. You fall for everything. Make your stand today. There's a lot of injustice spreading  across this land ( and most others too)  don't just stand by. Do something. Join others and fight injustice together. 
In life things change, imagine for a minute if everything stayed the same, month after month, year after year. We should always be determined to stand firm, stand strong, in order to make a better world. Never be afraid to use your voice for honesty and compassion, use it to speak out against injustices, lying and greed,  that is daily spread but not in our names. Be a weapon of good.
Now is the time to make your stand, because if we don't the rot will continue. Don't remain silent, speak out against injustice, large or small, and share the voices of those who continue to expose them. Do not be discouraged, be a force for change. It is too easy to sit back and do nothing, we can't afford to keep quiet, for a more equitable society to be achieved, we have to lend our voices to the invisible.
Hail all that make a stand against injustice. So stand up, speak out, and I will stand together with you. 
They will try to make you falter, try to make you fall, but we will strive forward because there is no other way.