Monday, 16 November 2015


I admit I suffer from depression, anxiety too,
but if you bumped into me in the street, 
could give you a misconception,
as I release my smiley face,
offer you a firm handshake,
as the weight of the world,
brings me down.

A constant war inside myself,
mind in constant rearrangement,
feelings lift from  time to time,
clouds depart, to provide glimmers of hope,
from the darkest of nights,
to bright days awakening.

I chase dreams, vapors of positivity,
never feel that I'm losing the fight,
it might be hard, but often I win,
find some dignity stored, some self respect,
but depression can be such a lonely thing,
often grateful for the friends who have called.

I've got better at coping nowadays,
but should avoid the internet and the daily news,
guess that's just a pattern of my behaviour,
sit in  the library within the confines of knowledge,
found in moments of waking, this is my confession.



  1. I understand and feel your words...... if ever I feel down, usually the media has something to do with it........That blasted internet really does bring us all together, but also it can weigh us all down... Many people will not feel so lonely after reading this poem...thank you for posting.

  2. cheers again, thanks for comments, comments negative or positive actually help me keep going. At the end of the day there are worse things than the internet, too numerous to mention, a future post perhaps..... all the best.

  3. Thank you for reminding me there will be some 'open cloud' moments