Friday, 27 November 2015

Black Friday ( a poem)

( an old poem I thought I'd posted before, but seems I haven't, so here it is)

Black Friday, black bloody night,
with the tories daily stalking our lives,
creating consumer madness,
people driven to despair,
fighting for a bargain.
instead of for their lives.

Black Sunday, Black Monday, Black Tuesday,
on and on and on, and on,
as they push us to breaking point,
turn our days dark in the middle of the day,
I see red, but  carry on walking,
I have no time for over consumption,
so I'll be avoiding the aisles of the shops.

I really do not understand the need,
the crazed people  fighting for brands,
that personally I've never heard of,
I prefer to spend my days following love,
so will simply ignore this nightmarish capitalist rush,
hopefully will not lose control today or tomorrow,
wake up when its all over, with some spare change in pocket.

(Postscript; it all turned out a damp squid on all accounts .
But remember too, the 33,000 children who will dies of poverty related causes today.)

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