Thursday, 12 November 2015

David Cameron admits to being a cluless idiot

Multi millionaire man of the people has admitted being a clueless idiot  he has just written to his local council to complain about the obvious disastrous consequences of his own chancellors destructive ideological austerity agenda. A man whose party is committed to make significant cuts to our frontline services from our elderly day centres, to our libraries and our museums. His ignorance would be funny, if it was not for the fact that  his and the tory's toxic  policies are currently causing untold misery to many. He is clearly out of touch.
This mans judgement already called into question many times, as he and his party carry on inflicting pain across the land. From the outset Cameron's strategic blunders, confused demeanor and errors of judgement have been plain to see, as he spreads discontent and misery across the nation, with his bluster and belligerance and his damaging array of economic policies. As a result of his austerity measures according to Oxfam 800,000 British children will be plunged into poverty over the next ten years, over the same period 1.5 million working age adults will fall into poverty as well, by 2018, 900,000 public sector workers will have lost their jobs, and the bottom 10% of British earners seeing their income fall 38% over this Governments 5 year term. His austerity measures serve no purpose than to cut the welfare state  so that can reduce taxes on the rich, to the cost of the vulnerable , the marginalised and the less better off. Combined  with tax redit cuts shambles, and ongoing plans  to cut public spending by £30 billion including £12 billion in welfare cuts the mind truly boggles.
It is obvious that David Cameron is an idiot, so tell me  where are the mass marches, riots of uncaged emotion? It seems  that, like it or not , (as he fills a lot of us with  feeling of loathing )he still finds lots of supporters  and commands respect from people  who  are still not convinced that austerity is a lie, that austerity is a con. Who would probably still carry on voting Tory even if Cameron killed, and dismembered a baby live on T.V.
For God's sake lets stop him in his tracks he is clearly not fit to run the country.

Vote no confidence in David Cameron :-

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