Saturday, 14 November 2015

Auguries of doom

(for victims of Paris Terror attack)

Terrorism is hate
it cannot win,
love must triumph
because this vein of brutality is sick,
chaotic warped voices
breeding messages of darkness,
with futile redundant deadly intention
on blood splattered streets,
the music falls silent
darkness dances with senselessness,
tears drop onto pavements
paths of destruction carry fear,
contaminated ideology
lies polluted and poisoned,
confused and twisted
against humanity sows
rampant seeds of disregard,
but peace love and compassion
will never surrender,
as heartbreak's pain throbs
and hate arrives in Paris,
spread by deluded stalkers of death
let us pray,that terror won't win,
let us  plead for peace, again and again
even though we don't know who the enemy is.


  1. Today we are all French, but never Syrian, Kurdish, Iraqi, Afghanistani, or Palestinian.

  2. nice post . . .keep on dancing . . .