Thursday, 3 November 2016

Bono, a man, receives a top prize in this years Glamour Magazine's Women of the Year !!

Bono the preening rock star has been named as a recipient of  a top prize in an award in this years Glamour Women of the year award despite being male.Apart from the fact he ain't female,what has he ever actually done.? Yes he has campaigned against poverty and recently launched a campaign called 'poverty is sexist' with a commitment to worldwide gender equality, but many actual women have been fighting poverty and sexism for years and years without any form  recognition. Personally I think this Irish muso (and ubiquitous humanitarian-activist-environmentalist so called social justice warrior) should have simply declined, but then again he is just another celebrity who can't resist the limelight.Why couldn't he simply go back to writing letters to God and his billionaire mates
I kind of side with women left feeling  disappointed that an awards scheme set out to recognise the achievements of women in a world where they are often overlooked, was being extended to men. After all there are hundreds and thousands of women who are far more worthy of this recognition,but the world has gone crazy, and I simply, despair.With only 3.7 billion women in the world I suppose Glamour magazine couldn't find any female worthy enough for that final place on the list.What about the many women fighting around the world for women's many women  working hard in her community to break down barriers, fighting domestic violence to inspire young girls to be independent and confident. Saudi women challenging repressive laws.  Egyptian poets offering a critique of repression.  South Americans challenging femicide. In the UK Maryam Namazie only challenges patriarchy every day. Abda Khan merely wrote a searing novel, 'Stained' about oppressive patriarchy, sexual violence and the use of 'honour' to silence women in Asian communities.Then there are the  women in politics regularly subjected to death threats and violence,women daily helping refugees struggling with their lives, women human rights defenders around the globe  acting as role models working to advance human rights for us all in the face of escalating risks, threats, and harassment. and courageous women like Nadia Murad and Lamiya Ashir Bashir, recently honored with top EU humanitarian award The list is simply endless.
At least Glamour magazine had the tenacity to recognise the accomplishments of some of them, who as women were all equally deserving including the five-time Olympic medal winner Simone Biles, the three founders of the Black Lives Matter movement and Nadia Murad, who was nominated for the Nobel peace prize after escaping enslavement by Isis.But their honor pales into insignificance because all the world is bloody talking about is Bono and this silly magazine that has now been reaped with all this oxygen of publicity, generated by their rather silly stunt.. 
Achievements in gender equality should be applauded and recognised but to give an award to a man  in a ceremony for women in my humble opinion is simply wrong and misguided,and is a mockery to all women across the globe and puts the clock back years.Surely even Bono himself can't fail to see the irony in all this, and  that by giving him an award at an event like this, even for trying to undo partriarchy undercuts the whole point of this award ceremony.Oh but the times are a changing. Really!!! Because after all another rich privileged white man really needs the recognition.,