Sunday, 13 November 2016

Rebel hearts

( thank you Glen Johnson for the lines no 14 and 15)

Over the years, habits can change
but we must continue to have desire,
to express and be free
to be true to one's self,
seeking change for others
stopping humanities foolishness,
with rebel hearts allow the meek
to  inherit the earth,resist their orders,
the jungle of superiority
and privilege, we will overthrow,
beyond voices of consensus
all obstacles  will simply be removed,
our hearts in abundance carry freedoms torch
even when  there seems to be a glitch in the matrix
and everything seems to be getting worse
we will keep pushing in another direction
with an  inner craving full of resilience
to hard to be torn apart as they try to stop us
divide us into a million  pieces
our rebel hearts will keep on resisting
beyond life's negations keep on beating.

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