Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Spectre of Fascism is haunting the World

( Earlier I heard that Thomas Mair, right wing extremist had been found guilty of murdering Labour MP Jo Cox, a mother of two young children, a wife and tireless campaigner. The following unashamedly raw poem is dedicated to her memory and all other victims of the ideology of fascism.)

The Spectre of Fascism is haunting the World

They call themselves the 'alt right'
they are given a platform by sites like Breitbart,
now they're in the bloody Whitehouse
fascism that's swapped its jackboots for business suits
if you're not worried yet, you're not paying enough attention!
on the brink of World War Three
do we ignore lessons from our history,
as the spectre of fascism haunts the world again
Le Pen, Trump, Farage  all cut from the same cloth,
bringing no fresh light for us to consume
complacently deciding who to pick on next,
aiming at all they consider, less than them
hatred breeding, running amok.

The fascist logic is cruel follows all seasons
knows no reason it is inhumanity's  curse
orders genocide and feels no remorse
asphyxiates and destroys freedoms torch,
lets the cruelty of abuse loose
for truth to be buried and hidden,
tears to flow with the weight of knowing
as they blame their victims, insisting they are grateful,
we should always listen to the voices that survived
tortured and abused, tongues of masses silenced,
threatened, shaken, shackled,shat upon
corrupted, stamped left crying in rain,
women and children raped to stigmatise
left abandoned drowning in vomit, smeared in blood.

We all place ourselves in danger
when we refuse to condemn,
viruses spread when not confronted
and authoritarianism is a very ugly disease,
from flag waving  bigoted fascist bastards
to right wing suited neo-liberal managerialists,
their free speech treats you like a subhuman
teaches others that you should not exist,
remember terrified people are easily controlled
easily abused, easily conquered, taken over
so inhale the future, exhale their poison
resist them with all the strength you've got
all of them can be beaten, they shall not pass.

This poem can now also be found at I am not a silent poet

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